The Oath


Comedy / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 61%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevendbeard 7 / 10

Funny & Thought Provoking

I saw "The Oath", starring Ike Barinholtz-Blockers, Suicide Squad; Tiffany Haddish-Night School, Girls Trip; John Cho-Searching, Identity Thief and Nora Dunn-Tag, Pineapple Express. Some people will like this movie and some will not. It's a comedy but with political undertones and whether you like it or not will probably depend on how you feel about the present administration. The plot is as follows; The President of the US of A has said that he has an 'Oath' that he wants every American citizen to sign. It states that they must pledge allegiance to the President-Not the country, but to him personally. He says it is entirely voluntary-but bad things seem to happen to people that don't sign it. The deadline for signing-and when it becomes official-is on the day after Thanksgiving, aka, Black Friday. Ike and his wife Tiffany are against it and think it is utterly ridiculous. Nora plays Ike's mother, and when she and the rest of the family come for Thanksgiving dinner, well, let's just say that things get heated when they do not all agree on the oath. FYI:Ike's real life brother plays his brother in the movie. John plays one of the enforcement agents from the Citizens Protection Unit that goes door to door, checking on people that do not sign the oath-such as Ike & Tiffany. Basically, it's an extreme view of today's political climate. It's rated "R" for language, violence and drug use and has a running time of 1 hour & 33 minutes. I thought it was funny and thought provoking and I would buy it on DVD.

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